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            NOVORAY staff

            NOVORAY staff

            • 01 / Work Value

              Choose this job, do the best you can
              Choose this industry, be the top of all

            • 02 / Sense of Overall Thinking

              Keep contributing, bearing and trying
              To the success of team and company.

              Company’s success avails each NOVORAY staff
              Each single fault does harms to customer and company

            • 03 / Standard for Good NOVORAY Staff

              Having good professional ethics
              Be skilled in knowledge, skills and comprehensive quality of corresponding posts
              Have strong sense of responsibility and dare to undertake such responsibilities
              Hardworking and innovative  

              Be capable of analyzing, thinking and solving problems independently
              Be capable of coordinating and communicating actively and efficiently
              Passing the trainings and keeping learning and progressing

            • 04 / Quality of NOVORAY Staff

              Having good professional ethics
              Having strong sense of responsibility
              Having excellent skills
              Having strong awareness of risk and competition
              Keeping learning and progressing

            • 05 / Slogan of NOVORAY Staff

              “NOVORAY staff, the Best of All”

              In NOVORAY, each single person shall have the enthusiasm of “Never say never, be the best of all” and the spirit of “Choose this job, do the best you can”. We will adhere to the spirit of “NOVORAY staff, the Best of All” and implement it in daily work and actions.

              On one hand, we, as NOVORAY staff, shall keep solving our shortcomings, improving the working capability and comprehensive quality in order to be an excellent worker and social talent;

              On another hand, we, as NOVORAY staff, shall offer the best products and services to internal customers and downstream customers by adhering to the concept of “High quality, fine manufacturing” and devote ourselves to Socialist Modernization.

            • 06 / NOVORAY’s Outlook on Talents

              1.Establish factory and cultivate talents
              2.Keep progressing in practicing

            • 07 / NOVORAY’s Standard of Employment

              1.Identify with NOVORAY’s corporate culture
              2.Be capable of keeping learning, summarizing and improving
              3.Having spirit of uniting, progressing and cooperation
              4.Be adaptive to reform

            • 08 / NOVORAY’s Talents Evaluation Standard


              Morality, the stable and habitual moral quality formed in solving problems, includes the individual subjective cognition towards standard of moral principle, as well as the stable behavior habits formed based on such cognition. It is a unity of subjective cognition towards morality and objective ethical behaviors.

              For NOVORAY talents, good morality is always prioritized


              Responsibility, as a way of undertaking, is the return to others’ trust and entrustment, as well as the awareness and behavior to well complete one’s job, that is to say, one shall have full self-consciousness to well perform the job within the range of responsibility. It is an important index to evaluate the spiritual quality of single person.

              In NOVORAY, you should get fully devoted in each post on guard.


              Capability refers to the subjective conditions needed to complete certain activities. It is the comprehensive quality which has direct influences on working efficiency and ensures successful completion of work. The capability is directly related to the work, since it is unavailable to express or develop one’s capability without the detailed work.

              The person can have access to certain post if he is qualified and can have good performance and keep improving based on the comprehensive quality and capability of learning and innovation. Meanwhile, the work and practice can help improve and excavate the person’s capability.

              In NOVORAY, your post is decided by capability. Only those who show good capability in work can have more opportunities.


              Performance refers to the work completed or contribution made by single person or team. All work, significant or insignificant, shall be treated equally. By means of hardworking, each person can have extraordinary performance at any post. The performance at post relies on both the team and individual efforts. The performance is an important standard for evaluating the personal value.


              Contribution refers to the incremental benefits calculated by subtracting personal incremental cost with incremental income. NOVORAY’s talents shall have good performance at work and much contribution to family, enterprise and society.

            • 09 / NOVORAY’s Management of Staffs

              A stage to show yourself

              Professional skills or interests and specialty, NOVORAY will offer you a stage only if you like.

              Grasp opportunity, create excellence

              “Only those who get prepared can grasp the opportunity”. The company has many opportunities, but only those who work hard, have rich experience and cultivate much knowledge can grasp the opportunity. You shall shoulder the responsibilities and create your excellence since NOVORAY is in urgent need of talents.

              Nobody is perfect, but trying

              Nobody is perfect and NOVORAY is not demanding the staffs to be “perfect” or judging a person using an extreme standard. NOVORAY will conduct annual rewards towards the excellent departments and staffs. They can be selected from any department and post. Imperfect they are, they have the vigor to pay much effort in post and get excellent performance. They have shown their strength, tried their best to make outstanding contribution to company and won honors.

            • 10 / Personhood

              ◆Respect ◆Sincerity ◆Mutual trust ◆Tolerance ◆Affection ◆Generosity
              ◆Keep learning, be eager about knowledge ◆Pursing excellence, never say never ◆Be selfless, broadening the way


              Seek harmony while reserving differences. Only those who respect others can get respect as return. In NOVORAY, all people are equal and shall have mutual respect.


              Be sincere to people and matters in order to establish mutual trust and improve the power of team.

              Mutual trust

              Trust is the basis of cooperation and source of power. We advocate good trust culture, that is to give power to qualified subordinates and authorize the responsible person on basis that they have the basic capability.


              We have identification to the different background and characteristics of each staff since they come all corners of the country. We treat matters equally without considering the factor of people. It is unavoidable to make mistake, but it is not allowed to sit around and dawdle. We believe that, only tolerance can bring respect to people and help them improve and grow.


              We attach great importance to affection and hope staffs can pay back relatives. Meanwhile, we tried to build the atmosphere of “Home” in company to bring the family-like care and warmth to all in order to help them make higher contribution to the company.


              We shall be capable of showing love to those who are in need of help and warmth in order to make the company full of love and make society more harmonious.

              Keep learning, be eager about knowledge

              Learning is what promotes and sublimates work. They are closely related to each other.

              Pursing excellence, never say never

            • 11 / Working Style

              Careful · Active · Creative

              Do things right

              The right things shall conform to the interests, goals and development of company. Only by doing the right things can staffs show their value and functions and effectively promote the progress and further development.

              It is unavoidable to make mistake, but it is not allowed to sit around and dawdle.

              It is unavoidable to make mistake. NOVORAY encourages all to make improvements innovations if there’s no clarified operation and working procedure and it will be encouraged, not blamed, if someone has made a mistake.

              Argument is limited to work only, not personal emotion

              Each NOVORAY staff is persistent and careful in work and it is common to have argument in work. But everyone argues for work and benefits of company and no personal emotion will be involved.

              Strictly disciplined superiors and subordinates in work, unconstrained friends when it’s off duty

              Everyone in NOVORAY is equal, only labor division is different. When it is off duty, you can feel that all persons are unstrained brothers and sisters. However, it is strictly disciplined in work and relationship between superior and subordinate is clarified. Everyone shall work in strict accordance with process and regulations.


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