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            Electronics and electric appliance

            Electronics and electric appliance

            We have offered a series of products to electronics and electric appliance industry, including crystalline silicon powder, fused silica powder, soft composite silicon powder, spherical silica powder and spherical aluminum oxide. In the meantime, NOVORAY can provide improved and combination solutions of products to customers in accordance with individual needs.

            • >Epoxy molding compound (EMC)

              Generally, the electron devices in electronic and electrical products are sealed with EMC (Epoxy Molding Compound), and the filler such as silica powder can bring high performance-price ratio for EMC. The powder materials product of NOVORAY such as NOVOPOWDER crystalline silica powder and fused silica powder can be used as excellent fillers in above normal applications.

              Featured by high filling, high flow, low wear and low stress, the spherical silica powder is widely used in sealing semiconductor devices. The precisely controlled oversize particles, in particular, can be used for EMC with narrow gap sealing, as well as the fillers for liquid sealing resin such as Underfiller and Globe top, or the fillers of resin substrate.

              Moreover, the thermal management to electronic products is becoming increasingly important along with the miniaturization and high integration level of electric products. Round corner crystalline silica powder and spherical aluminum oxide powder can offer excellent heat-conducting property to fully sealed and high thermal conductivity EMC.

            • >Copper Clad Laminate (CCL)

              CCL is always used as base material in printed circuit board of electronics and electronic products. The ultrafine silica powder can help improve the CTE, thermal resistance and reliability of CCL.

              NOVORAY’s NOVOPOWDER ultrafine crystalline silica powder and soft composite silica powder are used as general fillers of CCL. Fused silica powder can be used as filler of Low Dk CCL.As the high packing fillers, the spherical silica powder can bring excellent performance to Low Dk CCL and IC support plate. The spherical aluminum oxide products can be the ideal fillers for high thermal conductivity CCL such as aluminum substrate.

            • >Printing ink of printed circuit board (PCB)

              The printing ink of PCB is the necessary protection material for circuit board. NOVORAY’s NOVOPOWDER ultra-fine crystalline silica powder can bring ideal resistance to scratching and wiping, low thermal expansion coefficient, chemical resistance and long-term reliability for circuit board.

            • >Epoxy sealing material

              The capacitance and resistance parts of electronics and electronic products are sealed by epoxy sealing materials. NOVORAY’s NOVOPOWDER fused silica powder is the common component of epoxy sealing material.

            • >Electronic-pouring sealant

              The parts such as power supply in electronics and electronic parts are generally fixed and sealed by electronic-pouring sealant of epoxy or organic silicon. NOVORAY’s NOVOPOWDER crystalline silica powder, fused silica powder and spherical silica powder can be selected as filler of pouring sealant in accordance with proper coefficient of thermal expansion, thermal conductivity, viscosity and cost. Featured by high filling, high performance-price ratio and thermal conductivity, the spherical aluminum oxide is used for fixing and sealing of power devices.

            • >Thermal interface materials

              It is of much necessity to conduct thermal management due to the miniaturization of electronic product. Thermal interface materials (TIM) can fill the air gap due to uneven contact surface of parts of electronic product, so as to improve the heat dissipation capability. Heat-conducting gasket and heat-conducting silicon grease are common TIMs, but the high thermal conduction fillers such as crystalline silica powder and spherical aluminum oxide powder are key components of heat-conducting gasket and heat-conducting silicon grease.


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