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            Sense of humanism

            Sense of humanism

            • 01 / Accomplish Customers

              Customer demand is the motive power that drives NOVORAY to develop. We adhere to customer-oriented principle and respond to customers’ demands quickly, in order to create long-term values that can facilitate customer achievements. “Providing effective products and services to customers is the direction towards which we advance and the scale by which we evaluate values. Customer success is our own achievements.

              We devote to providing competitive products and solutions and create value for customers.

            • 02 / Integrity

              Man cannot keep a foothold without integrity and business cannot boom without credit. Integrity is our most important intangible asset, with which, NOVORAY insists on wining customers.

              Only mutual respect and honesty can make one trust others and earn others’ trustiness. We not only put emphasis on the mutual honesty and trustiness between individuals and organizations, but also the integrity and credit for customers and the society. We deem the trustiness fed back by customers and the society as our life and we cast aside all false and betrayal.

            • 03 / Win by Quality

              Products are manufactured by us while product quality is rated by customers. It is easy to ensure the quality of a product but hard to master the quality of all products. Without quality improvement, whether the “internet +” or “intelligent manufacturing” are empty talks. What NOVORAY strives for is a little better than competitors!

            • 04 / Realize the Individual Values of Staffs in the Long-term Development of the Enterprise

              We regard staffs’ knowledge as important core but we regard staffs’ ability to manage knowledge and experiences as more important one. Therefore, we pay attention to the work and responsibility that an staff can undertake with his knowledge and ability, establish harmonious and trustworthy company culture, complete training mechanism and provide creative and independent and inspiring work environment to help staffs show their values and play their roles, so as to promote long-term company development that can provide wider space for staffs to realize their values.

            • 05 / Realize Sharing of the Results of Company Growth with Shareholders, Staffs, the Society, Customers and Suppliers (“five-sharing” principle)

              As an enterprise with the sense of calling and responsibility, we pay attention to public interests and development of the society and care for environment and energy & resources saving; we care about our staffs and regard them as the most important resources and partners of the company, so that staffs can share the growth results of the company; we insist on sharing the growth results of NOVORAY’s shareholders and staffs and the society, and devote to benefiting customers and suppliers with the growth of NOVORAY.


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