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            Social Responsibility

            Social Responsibility

            • >Safe and health workplace

              As safety production is related to the happiness of all staff families and is the only way to guarantee product quality improvement, we regard safety production as our top priority.  

              Safety production is not only related to life safety of internal staffs of the company, but also the surrounding environment safety of the company. Guarantee and realization of safety production are the requirement put on enterprises by the Party and government, and also a must for an enterprise that wants to set foot in the market and the world. We implement policies and measures related to safety production according to national laws and regulations.

              In the course of company development, we also take social responsibilities for staffs, the society and environment, including abidance to commercial morality, safety production, occupational health, protection of the legal rights of laborers and saving resources. As the important content of the social responsibility of the company, safety responsibility includes carrying out of wide and deep safety education and safety knowledge trainings and drills to eliminate safety hazards; formulating crisis programs for various safety accidents; organizing physical examinations of staffs to care about staff health.  

              The responsibility of safety production is extremely heavy and staffs’ lives are the most precious thing for us. We will not develop at the cost of spiritual civilization, or the cost of ecological environment or human lives. Serious and exceptionally serious accidents lead to huge damages to people’s lives and property; we will draw lessons from them and enhance our production safety to stop any sign of serious and exceptionally serious accidents.

            • >A Model for the Industry's Corporate Image

              We have been making efforts to forge us the model for field management of powder industry. Moreover, all of our staffs are receiving continuous strict training and our health and safety programs are implemented all over the company.

              From the company's point of view, improvement of staffs’ self-consciousness can improve safety criteria, realize learning sharing and workplace inspection, improve the best practice and establish our high standard, which are very important for us. Our objectives are to achieve the best industrial practice regarding dust treatment and factory safety by taking new measures. Moreover, we will realize continuous improvement through active safety measures, and then ensure our regular improvement and establish high safety standard through continuous improvement actions.

            • >Energy Saving and Environmental Protection

              NOVORAY improves management and hardware input continuously and uses clean energy, aiming at improving labor productivity, utilizing resources reasonably and protecting the environment with intelligent energy saving and auto equipment.


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